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About us

How does a self taught fashion Designer selling clothes out of his small college room go on to creating a global brand? Uhuru's founder Izu Madubueze started making clothes for himself because he wanted something that could both represent and keep him connected to his roots. Little did he know that he was creating a medium for others around the world to do the same thing as well. Uhuru is the chance to try something new, different and uniquely crafted, while hitting home. Izu broke in to the world of fashion by designing products so unique that they are impossible not to talk about. Collections use prints that include and portray all aspects of culture from all parts of Africa. They are a chance to express your origins and cultural style, values, and heritage on your leggings, swimsuits, and bodysuits etc and Izu's Designs are crafted to catch the eye and touch the heart.
"Our products are made by the best craftsmen around the globe, and quality is our top priority. At Uhuru we believe in honest luxury. Your unique bespoke apparel will be made in the United States, or the origin country of the requested print, using the finest materials. People are very important to us. From the fabric maker to the recipient of the apparel, we ensure everyone gets the best experience. Our personal touch ensures full traceability on our materials, and the highest standards of design for your unique piece. After production, every item is examined by qualified industry experts before it is shipped to you. Uhuru is exclusive - one of a kind. Our style is street, poetic, and tailored. We want the entire continent to look fresh, brave, original and self confident. We promote and sell not just apparel, but an attitude and a way of life. We cant outsource our voice, its our heart , its our soul, its our story". - Izu Madubueze
Uhuru has been able to carve a niche for themselves powered by a community of raving fans that engage with each other and the brand. They follow the company's moves 24/7 and are our biggest voice.
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